luxwalkLuxWalk is a new underlayment engineered specifically for under floating or glue-down LVF by MP Global Products.

According to the company, LuxWalk provides full subfloor coverage and effectively soothes impact sound and floor to ceiling noise. 

At 25/1000” thickness and featuring a engineered heavy duty design, LuxWalk adds cushioning under LVF and is sturdy enough to smooth out minor imperfections in the subfloor without perceptibly raising the finished floor height. It also retards movement of LVF installed over it, helping reduce abrasion of the underside of the LVF and minimizing impressions and indentations that can occur in the finished floor, according to the company.

Made from polyethylene film that incorporates blended recycled polyester fiber (derived from soda bottles diverted from landfill) with hot-melt adhesive, LuxWalk, with 31% post-consumer recycled content, is LEED compliant.

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