Warmup now has a Houzz profile. By joining this platform for home remodeling and design, Warmup can now share more photos of its in floor heating products and projects.

“With over 2.8 million photos, Houzz users can find pretty much anything related to homes,” said Regis Verliefde, CEO of Warmup. “Now, users can add our products to their ideabooks with a click of a button."

Since Warmup joined the site, Houzz has already proven to be a great outlet. In one study conducted by Houzz about bathrooms, it shows that 28% of users want radiant floor heating in their bathrooms.

“This statistic confirmed that the interest in our products was high on Houzz,” continued Verliefde. “We hope interest grows even further as we show users that in floor heating is attainable at any budget and is not just a luxury anymore, with typical jobs ranging from $500 to $1,500.”

Warmup plans to showcase its products with ideabooks and project boards on Houzz. Currently, the company has 16 projects on its profile ranging from bathroom renovations to basements to hotels.

Highlighted products include Warmup’s loose cable heating system, heated shower benches, mirror defogger heaters and the 3iE thermostat.

To follow Warmup on Houzz or to leave a review, go to www.houzz.com/pro/warmup/warmup-us-floor-heating-systems