The newest version of LEED, known as v4, has several changes, many which will impact the professional cleaning and building industries.

The following quiz from The Ashkin Group, a green cleaning advocacy group in the professional cleaning industry, is designed to highlight some of these changes so you have a better understanding of LEED v4.

In v4, Green Cleaning is now a prerequisite in order for a facility to be LEED certified.

  • True

  • False    

LEED v4 puts greater emphasis on the careful use of which of the following chemicals:

  • Floor care strippers/finishes

  • Degreasers

  • Disinfectants and Sanitizers

  • All of the above

LEED v4 requires that facilities increase their purchases of Green Cleaning chemicals, paper products, plastic liners, and similar items from the current 30 percent to (based on cost):

  • 50%

  • 60%

  • 70%

  • 75%

Of the following, which does LEED v4 put greater emphasis on compared to earlier versions?

  • Chemical free cleaning systems

  • Conservation of water and energy

  • The use of sanitizers and disinfectants to ensure healthy cleaning

  • Indoor air quality

LEED v4 recognizes there have been significant advances in which of the following cleaning technologies:

  • Vapor cleaning

  • Turning tap water into cleaning solutions

  • HEPA filtration systems

  • Cold water chemicals

Under v4, facilities can earn one credit for having at least 10 feet of entry matting installed at building entries.

  • True

  • False


One of the big changes with v4 is that facilities no longer need to select vacuum cleaners or carpet extractors that have the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

  • True

  • False

Approximately what percentage of U.S. commercial space is LEED certified?

  • 10%

  • 15%

  • 25%

  • 35%

If a facility's cleaning professionals have been CIMS-GB (Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Bui  lding) or GS-42 (Green Seal's standard for commercial/institutional cleaning) certified, it means the facility: 

  • Is meeting the Green Cleaning requirements of v4

  • The facility can earn up to 2 credits

  • The facility can earn up to 4 credits

  • These are not recognized in LEED v4



Quiz answers:

Disinfectants and Sanitizers
Conservation of water and energy
Turning tap water into cleaning solutions
Is meeting the Green Cleaning requirements of v4


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