Gerflor training
The first official Gerflor Training School class receiving its certification on April 25, 2014. 

Gerflor has officially launched its Training School (GTS) in response to an increase its U.S.A. sales force, employee desire for more training and an overwhelming response to the A&D community’s need for skilled manufacturing representatives during product selection, according to the company.

The one to two day intensive learning modules were designed to enhance Gerflor's sales force and employee professional development to ultimately benefit the company's clients who depend on the company for flooring expertise. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2014 Top Workforce Trends Report, there is increasing focus on the development and engagement of high professional talent – high-potential employees who possess deep expertise, drive innovation and uniquely contribute to their organization’s value proposition. With this in mind, Gerflor will continue to shore up its current employee knowledge base, while educating new incoming talent, via GTS. 
“Company culture, efficiency, and overall employee happiness stem directly from how much training, responsibility, and empowerment someone has at Gerflor," says Benjamin Bachman, CEO, Gerflor USA. “We’ve had great success abroad with a similar training school, so bringing it to the USA was a no-brainer. With the extensive growth of our company and A&D professionals depending on us for assistance during the design process, the need to recruit and retain top professionals is more important than ever. The time is now to invest in our employees who will help create new growth opportunities for Gerflor.”
The first USA GTS test module was held last November with the first official class receiving its first certification on Friday, April 25. To graduate, a GTS participant completes nine certification modules, which include 60 hours of live training.