Mara Villanueva-Heras, American Dream Builders
Mara Villanueva-Heras, vice president, residential marketing – Armstrong Floor Products made an appearance on episode 7 of NBC's "American Dream Builders." 

Mara Villanueva-Heras, vice president, Residential Marketing – Armstrong Floor Products made an appearance on episode 7 of  NBC’s new design series, "American Dream Builders" , which aired April 27.

Villanueva-Heras appeared as one of the “Neighborhood Council” members – a group of industry professionals who review and comment on the designers’ work in the weekly renovation competition. In episode 7 – Colonial Duplex, the remaining six designers were given the task to renovate adjoining duplexes.

“The premise of the show is interesting; the process of voting allowed the feelings of the everyday homeowner to come through since they really did pull neighbors into the process to vote. It was particularly great to meet the deserving family and hear their story,” said Villanueva-Heras. “We were able to see both homes in full and critique every space.  The homes were beautiful and the changes to the father's bedroom and his bath will truly be life changing since he is in a wheelchair with limited mobility.” 

Two Bruce engineered hardwood floors also are featured in this episode. “One team chose a really dark wood floor which contrasted beautifully with the design and really allowed the furniture decorative elements in the rooms to stand out. They used hardwood floors which added a level of warmth, sophistication and timeless appeal to their spaces,” added Villanueva-Heras.  Check it out on for a limited time.

Hosted by designer Nate Berkus, "American Dream Builders" showcases the talent of some of the top designers and home builders in the U.S. Judges include Monica Pederson, an interior-design expert, and Eddie George, a Heisman Trophy winner and former pro-NFL player who is now a landscape architect. 

The designers are divided into two teams – Team Red and Team Blue – and are given a renovation and design task. The teams are then put to the test as limits are pushed and creative minds collide. The finished projects are then judged by a community council, a group that evaluates the design appeal of the home or homes that were renovated, depending on the challenge, and ultimately decides if Team Red or Team Blue can claim victory. The teams then go before Berkus, Pedersen and George, who then decide which member of the losing team will not make it to the next round.