Kevin McElroy
Nuheat's president, Kevin McElroy has been appointed to the position of president and CEO of the company.

Nuheat's current president, Kevin McElroy, has been given the additional title of CEO. With the new addition of CEO in his title, McElroy will not only lead Nuheat's operations in both the U.S. and Canada, but will now also be responsible for developing long term strategy and maximizing shareholder value, according to the company.

"The board made the decision to add the designation of CEO to Kevin’s title after a review of his performance during his first year as president,” said Neil Johansen, Nuheat's chairman. “This change reflects Kevin’s successful transition into the president role,"

McElroy's career with Nuheat began almost 20 years ago as Nuheat’s first, and only, salesperson in a company of five employees, according to the company. He subsequently served as sales manager, director of sales and vice president of sales. According to Johansen, "as vice president, Kevin was the driving force behind Nuheat’s sales expansion, into the Northeastern U.S. market and successful penetration of all North American markets. McElroy’s efforts developed Nuheat into what it is today."

"I’m humbled by the recognition and opportunity to serve as Nuheat’s president and CEO and privileged to be leading a dynamic and energized team,” said McElroy. “Moving forward, my vision is to continue to foster a vibrant culture that attracts great people and build an iconic brand that defines its category.”

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