Floormat.com offers an expanded line of pressure-sensitive and slip resistant tapes providing safety on a variety of surfaces, according to the company.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), of the 443,560 sprain, strain, and tear cases reported in 2012, falls, slips, and trips accounted for 23%. In addition, another study from BLS and other sources from 2006-2010, indicated that over 29% of  "fall on same level" injuries resulted in 31 or more workdays lost.

The full line of tape products is available at Floormat.com and its parent company, Martinson-Nicholls, which offers custom solutions in anti-slip tapes to prevent slips and falls in any environment. The company carries over 5 different types of 3M Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant Tapes and Treads in a multitude of colors, die-cut shapes or hand-cut shapes for a customer's unique challenges. Floormat.com also features a line of 3M tapes, which were specifically engineered for use on U.S. Coast Guard Cutters to prevent slips and falls.

The Master Stop, Bold Step and stair nosings extensive line of anti-slip tapes and treads from Sure-Foot are also featured at Floormat.com. This product line is designed for both interior and exterior steps and landings with the treads featuring an anti-slip coating system that resists chips, scratches, dirt, stains and oils, according to the company.

“The indoor or outdoor stair treads and nosings are attractive and meet or exceed OSHA and ADA requirements,” said Dan Ruminski, president. “We have done independent studies and from all of our research, companies dealing with high workers' comp safety issues from falls can effectively reduce their claims if they use anti-slip tapes throughout their facilities.”

For a complete overview of sizes, textures, product options and customization of anti-slip tapes, tape treads and other safety solutions, visit Floormat.com.