bostik video
Bostik has introduced a video that educates viewers on its HeatStep Floor Warming system.

Bostik is now offering a video which educates viewers on its HeatStep Floor Warming system's attributes. This five-minute video is an assemblage of actual installation sequences, digitized architectural animations and finished vignettes and It is narrated by Robert Williams, Bostik's Consumer & Construction Business Unit national sales manager.

An ideal selection to add warmth to wood, laminate or tile (ceramic and stone) floors, HeatStep products are easily installed and completely safe to the end-user, according to the company.

"For comfortable energy-efficient, even heat, our HeatStep system is a true problem-solver for architects, building owners and end-users,” said Mike Jenkins, business director, Consumer & Construction Business Unit at Bostik. “This is clearly evident in our new video. We could have brought in professional actor/voiceover talent for the on-screen narration. But, decided upon using Bob Williams, as he did not only a professional job, he also brings strong industry credibility to our video.”

According to Jenkins, HeatStep Mats can be rolled out and attached to the subfloor using two-sided tape, then covered with a cementitious  layer before the flooring is installed. HeatStep Wire, recommended for more complex room layouts, is applied by securing cable straps to the subfloor and stretching the wire cable between them. When installing both products, a wire fault detector monitors if any wires are damaged, sounding an alarm in time for easy repair (before  mat or wire are covered with mortar or cement).

Offered with energy-saving programmable and basic thermostat controls, all HeatStep Mat and HeatStep Wire products are made in the U.S. and are offered with a 10-year limited warranty, according to the company.

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