Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership’s Reclamation Program, in conjunction with Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), is nearing its goal of recycling 50 million pounds of reclaimed commercial carpet by 2015, according to the company.

The current total stands at 45,117,647 pounds, an increase of nearly 500,000 pounds since the last official update in March of 2014. At current rates, the goal of 50 million pounds by 2015 is well within reach, according to the company. Beyond the 45 million pounds of recycled carpet, the company reports the program has also saved:

222,672 cubic yards of landfill and 137,527,525 gallons of water 

450,909,919,800 BTUs of electric, enough to power 2,507 U.S. homes for one year

315,276,216 pounds of CO2 equivalent from contributing to global warming

In addition, Thomas Holland is CARE's Person of the Year. CARE board member, founder of Texas Carpet and Construction Recycling (TCR) and Starnet member, Holland has been a vocal supporter of commercial flooring recycling and has worked to develop solutions to industry challenges and needs. Under Holland, TCR diverted more than 800,000 pounds of carpet in 2013 alone, according to the company.

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