shaw expansion
Shaw is expanding its reclamation and recycling program to include a new Evergreen facility in Ringgold, Ga.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced that Shaw Industries will expand its reclamation and recycling program to include a new Evergreen facility in Ringgold, Ga. The Berkshire Hathaway company will create at least 70 new full-time jobs and invest over $17 million into the facility, according to Gov. Deal.

“This company has played a major role in establishing Georgia as a leader in the floor covering sector. Through its commitment to the use of more sustainable materials, I am confident that Shaw will continue to keep up with ever-changing demands through Georgia's top-ranked business climate,” said Deal.

“The development of Evergreen Ringgold is the latest example of Shaw’s sustainable business strategy at work,” noted Vance Bell, Shaw chairman and CEO . “This addition to our recycling portfolio reflects our continued efforts to drive innovation into the business and to protect and make efficient use of resources while focusing on long-term financial success.” 

According to Bell, Shaw has recycled more than 700 million pounds of carpet since 2006 via the company’s take-back program and an expansive reclamation network. As an addition to Shaw’s portfolio of recycling solutions, Evergreen Ringgold will give the company a flexible recycling solution that is capable of recycling nylon and polyester carpet. 

Evergreen Ringgold will create a high purity post-consumer recycled material that can be used in a broad range of applications. The facility will be operational in 2015 and will be located in what was previously Shaw Plant 37 – a rug distribution center. 

“Evergreen Ringgold expands our efforts to keep end-of-use carpet out of landfills,” stated Paul Murray, Shaw vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs. “By expanding our recycling portfolio, we are illustrating our continued commitment to converting something that historically may have been seen as waste into a resource that has a longer life in the economy.”

Shaw’s investment in recycling technology demonstrates its commitment to Cradle to Cradle designed products and a more circular economy. As Shaw’s portfolio of recycling investments continues to expand, so does its portfolio of Cradle to Cradle certified products. Sixty-four percent of the products the company sells are Cradle to Cradle certified, and Shaw has committed to 100 percent of its products being designed to Cradle to Cradle protocols by 2030.

Shaw worked closely with the Catoosa County Development Authority, the City of Ringgold and the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD). 
Carl Campbell, GDEcD senior project manager for the existing industry and regional recruitment (EIRR) team, oversaw the project for the state. In addition, Georgia Quick Start, the nation’s top-ranked workforce training program, will work with Shaw to ensure its employees receive the proper training to support the company’s recycling investments. 
"Shaw has been a valuable longtime partner to the City of Ringgold,” said Nick Millwood, City of Ringgold vice-Mayor. “Their new commitment ensures our community will continue to grow and keep jobs close to home."
Shaw employs approximately 15,000 associates in its operations throughout Georgia, and the company operates five facilities in Catoosa County.
“Shaw’s decision to expand underscores how leading global companies in Georgia remain competitive in today’s economy,” said GDEcD Commissioner Chris Carr. “As the company continues to benefit from Georgia’s low-cost of doing business and Georgia QuickStart, it’s clear that Georgia is an ideal location for Shaw as the company continues to grow.” 
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