kent goodman
Kent Goodman, left, owner and CEO of Space Flooring with Hoy Lanning, president of CMH.

Floor covering distributor, J.J. Haines & Co. has announced that Kent Goodman will retire as owner and CEO of Georgia-based Space Flooring.

Goodman and his family operated the company since its founding in 1969, and sold the company to CMH in 2008. At the time, Goodman stayed on as president of Space Flooring and became a partner and shareholder of CMH Space.

Goodman's career in flooring began at the age of 16, and he worked through many positions until he became Space Flooring's vice president of operations in 1985, when sales were $10 million, according to the company. He became president and CEO of the company, succeeding his father in 1993 when sales were $18 million.

Under Goodman's leadership, Space Flooring grew to $70 million, according to the company. Bruce Zwicker, CEO and president of Haines, and Hoy Lanning, president of CMH, join a gathering of family, friends, employees, suppliers, and customers to honor Goodman. "Kent was one of the original founders of the Powerhold group and is well known in the flooring supplies and accessories business as a sincere man and great leader," said a Haines representative.

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