H.J. Martin and Son has been named to the RetroPlate Elite Team. According to the company, there are more than 7,889 known floor-polishing companies in the U.S and H.J. Martin is only the 9th to achieve Elite Team status. The designation qualifies H.J. Martin for national accounts that specify the RetroPlate System.

Increasingly called for in building specifications, the RetroPlate system is a chemically reactive concrete stabilizer that enhances concrete density and hardness, allowing the floor to be finished to a high cosmetic, marble-like sheen. Retail environments are moving in the direction of polished concrete due to its uniform finish and color, along with the ease of maintenance, that provide a suitable long-term flooring solution.

“With the increased demand for concrete polishing, we are pleased to have been hand-picked to offer this high-end solution,” said Tim LaSure, H.J. Martin project manager, who oversees the RetroPlate program with assistance from Tom Feuerstein. “I believe it’s the most maintenance friendly product in the marketplace today. Built on customer satisfaction, RetroPlate certification required extensive, up-front training on our part. We were happy to make the investment because we see this as an excellent complement to the array of services already offered by H.J. Martin.”

The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System creates a highly abrasion resistant, dustproofed, polished and very aesthetic floor that is easy to clean and water-repellant. Other benefits include increased floor hardness, by up to 400%, according to the company, and light reflectivity, a sealed surface and LEED qualification. All that is required to maintain a RetroPlate floor is a dust mop, water and detergent.

Michael Clarke, RetroPlate executive director said, “with their long history of quality work, we believe they are an excellent fit for the high standards we set to be acknowledged as a master craftsman via the Elite Team.  We look forward to a long partnership,"

A member of the Concrete Polishing Association of America, H.J. Martin additionally is certified in the usage and application of the Ashford Formula densification system. The company is also a member of Carpet One and Starnet and is considered to be among the largest flooring retailers in the nation.

For more information, visit hjmartin.com.