Ecore International received a silver award in the large employers category for the Well Workplace Awards.

Sponsored by Lighten Up Lancaster Coalition, Lancaster County Business Group on Health, Lancaster Health Improvement Partnership, and Tobacco Free Coalition of Lancaster County, this awards program recognizes companies that have incorporated wellness into their corporate plans.

Judging criteria was primarily based upon the scoring results from the Centers for Disease Control Worksite Wellness scorecard. Ecore scored 179 out of 209 possible points. Ecore also scored 100% in five out of 12 categories—weight management, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke.

“This was the first year Ecore participated in the Well Workplace Awards,” said Arthur Dodge, III, president and CEO of Ecore International. "I am proud to say that we were one of the first companies to dive right into driving health and well-being.”

According to Dodge, Ecore's investment into wellness began in 2006, when the company hired Wellness Coaches USA to help employees at its Lancaster plant. Ecore built upon this personal health coach benefit by developing a comprehensive program that includes continuing education on healthy lifestyles, organized employee activities and competitions, and discounts to those who fulfill all the phases of the company’s wellness incentive, which can save each Ecore family up to $1,000 annually. 

There were 18 entrants in the large employer category. One platinum winner, one gold winner, six silver winners and 10 bronze winners were named.

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