nora's new noraplan nTX sheet flooring.
nora systems' new nTx sheet flooring features a pre-applied, solvent-free self-adhesive  that minimizes  prep work and eliminates drying time to simplify the flooring installation process, according to the company.
“For years, flooring manufacturers have been trying to develop a self-adhesive flooring that is not affected by moisture and can be installed immediately over high-moisture concrete and non-porous concrete slabs,” said Amy Bostock, global brand manager of nora systems. “noraplan nTx features a pre-applied adhesive that addresses these challenges and changes the way sheet products are installed.”
According to Bostock, noraplan nTx is resistant to moisture and has no pH limits. As a result, the floor covering eliminates the need for moisture testing and remediation and requires minimal preparation of the concrete slab. Because noraplan nTx also eliminates the use of a wet adhesive system and the associated curing and drying time, floors can be cleaned or walked on immediately after installation the company said.
“This is especially important for contractors who face tight construction schedules,” noted Bostock. “noraplan nTx enables them to get in and get out in far less time using less labor and fewer costly materials than a traditional installation. The floor eliminates many of the complexities typically associated with a flooring installation, including the need for multiple component suppliers.”
All noraplan nTx components are supplied and backed by nora’s Limited Warranty, minimizing any potential points of failure during a project.
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