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Natural Creations Luxury Vinyl Tile with the I-Set Installation System by Armstrong.

Armstrong Industries' new Natural Creations Luxury Vinyl Tile with the I-Set Installation System is an all-in-one commercial flooring system promising quick turnaround for renovations and fast track construction projects, according to the company.

According to Brad Relford, Armstrong global business manager, LVT, the I-Set Installation System is the answer to market demand for durable, quick installation methods that minimize disruptions and return spaces to immediate operational status. "Everyone from architects and designers, to flooring contractors and end users, will appreciate and value this product's unique features. For business owners, revenue producing spaces can be operational quicker. For contractors, easier installation means less materials to purchase (no added adhesives), and faster installation, saving time and money on labor and materials. For architects and designers, this product meets a full range of customer needs from highly popular visuals to quick installation methods their customer’s desire. Furthermore, facilities management now has a low maintenance floor combined with the best solution for quick repair and replace."

He added, “Our most popular visuals, colors and textures of the Natural Creations ArborArt, EarthCuts and Mystix collections combined with this revolutionary I-Set Installation System, provide great designs in an innovative, easy-to-install, long-lasting product. This system saves time, installation materials and labor costs. There is a growing demand in the commercial environment to complete flooring installations faster and keep revenue-generating spaces operational. With I-Set we provide the perfect solution to this growing market need."

Armstrong Natural Creations with I-Set Installation System is an ideal product for a wide variety of spaces, according to the company.

Natural Creations with the I-Set Installation system is a complete solutions approach, offering differentiated designs, long-lasting performance and easy maintenance, Relford concluded.

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