Metro Surfaces will now handle the distribution of Del Conca USA's porcelain tile products throughout Oklahoma. Additionally, the firm will be selling the Del Conca Commercial range, consisting of tile material produced in Italy by Del Conca’s parent organization, the Del Conca Group.
"Since our opening in 2009, Metro Surfaces has been calling on stores across Oklahoma," stated Keith Cunningham, president and owner. "We've known Jason White, the Del Conca representative, and have a great deal of confidence in what he recommends. So much, in fact, that we may very well be one of the first distributors in the nation to take on both the residential and commercial lines."
The products offered by Del Conca USA are right with the trends in our marketplace," Cunningham continued. "Del Conca Commercial offers unique tile materials that fit niches which no other manufacturer has to offer. We like the fact that pricing is reasonable, as well. We just started showing these products to the A&D community, and the response has already been very exciting."  

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