Stauf adhesive was selected for the renovation of the Boston Red Sox dugouts at Fenway Park.

Officials for the Boston Red Sox selected Stauf R105 2 part urethane as their adhesive of choice for renovation of the Major League Baseball team's dugouts.

According to Stauf executives, realizing the durability and the conditions of the Fenway Park dugouts, and what they were going to be subjected to, led the Sox to choose the R105 for its strength and ease of use. R105 has a shear strength of over 750 psi once cured. Adding to that, a shelf life of over two years and its ability to be applied over very wet substrates makes it an effective choice for the type of rubber flooring that was used in the install of the dugouts' floors. R105 is very durable and can withstand the harsh seasons that these dugouts endure season after season.
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