Hardwood flooring distributor Philadelphia Floor Store (PFS) recently added a new video to its “how-to” series. This step-by-step guide to installing an exotic plank "click" floating prefinished hardwood floor offers solutions for common problems such as hollow sounds, bounce, and climate control changes.

Products featured in the how-to video include the Powenail 2000, Boen Engineered Plank Hardwood Flooring, and FloorMuffler Flooring Underlayment. According to Mike Glavin, PFS owner and founder, “The Boen exotic, prefinished, engineered flooring featured in the video performs great in areas where climate control is a concern. Additionally, the installation process and products used in the video help to eliminate sound and bounce issues.”

Philly Floor offers numerous video formats, from “how-to” guides and product spotlights, to event highlights and promotional features geared toward educating hardwood floor contractors. The company’s complete video library can be found on their YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/PhillyFloor) and also on the Videos section of their website (http://store.phillyfloor.com/?page=customer&file=customer/phflst/b2bse/yt/yt-videos.htm).