Action Aero Sports Floor Systems
Action Floor Systems' new Action Aero NR and HL sports floor systems.

Action Floor Systems has introduced the Action Aero NR and HL anchored fixed resilient wood sports floor systems.

According to the company, the Action Aero systems utilize factory-assembled panels with natural rubber pads that permit air circulation throughout the subfloor structure. The Action Aero NR allows for incremental movement as a system when the floor expands or contracts. Designed for applications where the added loads of taller bleachers are encountered, the Action Aero HL maintains the floor’s performance characteristics of exceptional playability, uniformity and resiliency. These factory-assembled systems enable faster, more efficient installation at the jobsite. Ideal for recreation halls and clubs, the EN/DIN and FIBA certified Action Aero NR and Aero HL systems fit well in facilities where player well-being and floor system performance are a priority. 

Action Floor manufactures a selection of high-performance hardwood sports floor systems and also offers Action QuickCourt, a new series of modular multisport floor systems—Action Herculan polyurethane synthetic systems, Action RexCourt vinyl sheet, Action ReFlex recycled rubber flooring products and  Action AirRide floor cover systems.

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