mia handbook
The Marble Institute of America's new Stone Industry Health and Safety Handbook.

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has released a new Stone Industry Health and Safety Handbook. The 173 page handbook takes a comprehensive look at OSHA’s relationship with the stone industry and describes how businesses can remain in OSHA compliance, according to the association. In addition, stone industry professionals can use the handbook to create a specialized safety program that protects both employees and the business from health and safety risks; better understand what documents OSHA looks for when performing a health and safety inspection; and review stone industry specific documents and job hazard analyses which should be considered by every employee.

“The OSHA Health and Safety Manual is an essential tool for stone companies to help them conform to current OSHA safety requirements. The MIA Safety Committee is proud of this accomplishment and will continue to develop safety resources and best practices for the natural stone industry," said Jonathan Mitnick of MIA accredited Natural Stone Fabricator, CCS Stone and chair of the MIA Safety Committee.
The Stone Industry Health and Safety Handbook joins MIA’s growing library of safety related resources aimed at all sectors of the natural stone industry. To learn more about the handbook or any of the MIA’s safety initiatives, please visit www.marble-institute.com/safety. 
For more information, visit marble-institute.com.