Innovations4Flooring, (I4F) a new technology company providing flooring installation solutions, is announcing a move that will potentially reshape the global flooring industry’s current license fee structure, according to John Rietveldt, CEO of the company.

"Following legal settlements in 2008 as well an increasingly competitive flooring industry, major click patent companies have enjoyed years of stronghold over the entire sector with license fees representing a defining factor," said Rietveldt. "After 20 years of deadlock, I4F is now bringing the industry together to collectively implement a locking solution while challenging existing systems on the market both legally and technically."

I4F is experiencing extensive interest from the market and several license contracts have already been signed, according to Rietveldt. As a direct response to these requests, I4F is organizing exclusive closed-door meetings around the world, beginning in China, to share research and discuss the way ahead. During these meetings, clarity will be provided on I4F’s locking system; a strategic plan and crucial information to change the current situation; legal protection for producers, importers and dealers and actions planned to end deadlock.

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