A proposed new ASTM International standard, ASTM WK47030, would help professionals evaluate concrete floor systems to receive resilient flooring.

The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) and the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA) have endorsed the concept of concrete dryness testing and slab evaluation, as performed by third party agencies. Once ASTM WK47030 has been approved, it can be specified in construction documents or contracts as a way to require such third party testing.

According to the organization, ASTM WK47030 will cover the evaluation of a concrete slab system that is intended to be covered with resilient flooring. It features a review of concrete floor slab design and construction documents to ensure compatibility with specified floor covering and adhesive manufacturers’ requirements.

“The intent of this practice is to collect all pertinent data and expose conflict before a failure happens,” said ASTM member George Donnelly of George Donnelly Testing and Inspections. Donnelly further noted that, depending on when the review required by ASTM WK47030 is conducted, the results could affect design criteria before construction, eliminating conflicts that would cause problems later. 

The review could also occur during construction, but after concrete placement. In this case, the review could expose potential issues, allowing design and construction professionals to make adjustments in the current work that will prevent floor system failures.

“The ultimate intent of WK47030 is that someone, regardless of where they’re at in design or construction, can have all pertinent data and documents in a comprehensive document that notes any and all discrepancies or conflicts between what the concrete contractor has been assigned to do versus the needs of a floor covering system,” said Donnelly.   

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