luxe drains
Luxe Linear Drains add durability, safety and performance to senior living and healthcare facilities.

Luxe Linear Drains are ideal for healthcare or modern senior living facilities due to their durability and performance.

In addition to being ADA-compliant for all commercial or multi-housing project, Luxe drains provide safety, independence and peace of mind for the growing trend of seniors choosing to age in place.

According to the company, Luxe drains can be installed at the threshold, or shower entry to provide barrier-free, curbless custom showers for modern, stylish custom showers. For many seniors, having a safe, easy to use bath and shower can provide the independence they need to stay at home longer if they choose.

With Luxe drains, the subfloor is pre-pitched ¼-inch in just one slope toward the drain that can be installed anywhere in the shower design. Luxe drains are universally designed with a welded, 2-inch diameter central outlet drain and once installed, lie flush with both the bath and shower floor. The company also offers 5-inch decorative patterned grate square replacement drains and square tile insert trays for modern design custom showers.
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