Opening in 2015, the Flooring Academy of Specialized Training (FAST) Career Institute will be a Dalton-based nonprofit recruiting, training and placement organization dedicated to expanding the installer base and installation capacity of the North American flooring industry. According to the academy, the Institute provides a full line of hands on installation and related training services.

Don Barrett, industry veteran and FAST managing director said, “FAST Career Institute will be a unique addition to both the Dalton business community and to the flooring industry which is suffering a severe and increasing shortage of installers. The FAST goal for year one is to start with a unique, national install apprentice training school to train 300+ flooring apprentices each year in Dalton." According to Barrett, FAST anticipates 30 to 40 students will be coming each month from all over North America. 

Barrett added, “FAST Career Institute is a fundamentally different and more workable approach than what has been tried in the past. It's amazing how simple most great ideas are. What if the best answer to more installers is not training installers at all? If you want more apples you plant trees, if you want more corn, you plant the seeds. I believe the "seed" that gets us more great installers is a great helper that stays around long enough to learn." 

FAST Career Institute will also offer a variety of professional services from inspections and expert witness in floorlling cases to in-store training, as well as troubleshooting and turn-around assistance for retailers.

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