usg new packaging
USG Corp.'s new product packaging offers customers clarity, consistency, confidence and compliance, according to the company.

USG Corp. has unveiled new product packaging designed to make packaging simpler and clearer for users, according to the company. This follows on the heels of the company’s new brand identity launched last year and leads the charge on compliance with the 2015 OSHA mandate to standardize global hazardous material warnings which goes into effect on June 1.

Beginning in January, customers will see the new packaging on shelves ahead of the June 1 deadline established by OSHA’s new Global Harmonization Standard, an amendment to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. The amendment outlines how hazard classification should be showcased on products, and required elements on product labeling, a uniform format for Safety Data Sheets and employee training.
To comply with the OSHA mandate, USG has redesigned all product packaging to include the required elements. While the packaging will appear different, nothing in the product formulations or applications has changed due to the OSHA mandate. The new packaging not only includes the mandated warnings but also simplifies the look making the products easier to identify, thereby facilitating a simpler decision-making process, according to the company.
“The goal is not only to connect our products to our corporate image, but also to showcase how to effectively and proactively meet government mandates on packaging," said Linda McGovern, USG's vice president of marketing.
According to McGovern, the new packaging offers customers clarity, consistency, confidence and compliance. 
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