Luxe Linear Drains were used in a Cerritos, Calif., home renovation. 

Luxe Linear Drains and a new contractor helped rescue a new bath addition in Sonia Shuh's Cerritos, Calif., home.

Shuh received help from contractor Orlando Car, president of Certified Floor Coverings & Remodelers in Los Angeles for this project.

Shuh and Car’s goal of designing a sleek, modern bath for the 16 x 13-foot new addition was heavily bolstered by the addition of the Luxe Linear Shower Drain–Pattern Grate style linear drain with a classic repeating square-hole pattern running 60-inch along the far back shower wall. The barrier-free entry shower’s drain placement also enhanced the beautiful, uninterrupted large-format porcelain tile flooring that gracefully continues up over the raised threshold entry before the installation began its slow downhill descent at a rate of 1/8-inch per foot toward the Luxe Linear Shower Drain running along the far back wall of the shower and room.

“[Shuh] did a lot of research on this project and she knew what she was doing,” said Car. “She was disappointed in the original contractor and was looking for a new contractor to help her finish the sleek new custom bath she had planned. She had ordered several design elements online, including the Luxe Linear Shower Drain–Pattern Grate. The 60-inch drain showed up right on time and was perfect. The prior contractor had done some of the basic foundation work, which was another great reason to select Luxe Linear Drains. We could come right in and use the setting materials that we prefer to work with, regardless of what the prior contractor had used. We had no problems with the installation. The drain slid right into place without an extra tie in or hook-up, nothing like that.”

According to the company, Luxe Linear Drains are beautiful design elements for any custom residential bath. But just as importantly, the ability to place the drain anywhere in the flooring layout makes it possible to design barrier-free, zero-threshold entry showers for safe, easy access. This is a benefit for the modern senior aging in place as well as design-savvy homeowners in Cerritos.

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