Web Trax, new from Superior Manufacturing Group's NoTrax brand.

Superior Manufacturing Group, makers of NoTrax, Akro, Apex and HomeTrax Designs floor mats, has introduced Web Trax, the newest addition to the NoTrax family of floor matting products.

According to the company, Web Trax is a multi-functional vinyl floor mat that can be used in a variety of wet applications. The wave pattern design creates a slip-resistant walking surface while an open construction allows for easy drainage of liquids further increasing traction on wet and slippery floors. 
Web Trax is made from an industrial grade vinyl compound that is soft enough to be comfortable on bare feet in applications such as locker rooms, pool decks and shower facilities, yet also provides greater resistance to caustic chemicals, oils and greases for use in more industrial environments.
The PVC material has an antibacterial treatment that prevents the growth of fungi or bacteria and is also UV resistant making Web Trax ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. 
“The thing that makes Web Trax so appealing is its flexibility," said Todd Borchardt, vice president of sales and marketing for Superior. “This product is being used successfully in a wide variety of demanding environments both indoors and out, wet or dry and can be found in commercial, industrial and even residential applications.”
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