White Oak Custom Carpet based in Wichita, Kan., with additional manufacturing in Spindale, N.C., has acquired select assets and intellectual properties of Carousel Carpets from The Dixie Group.

The purchase is now complete and the integration of products and equipment has begun, according to Tom Pack, White Oak's president of manufacturing.

In July 2013, Dixie Group purchased Robertex Associates, a manufacturer of tufted wool carpets. The acquisition included Carousel Carpet, which had been acquired by Robertex in 2010. At that time, Robertex moved the equipment and operations from California to Georgia. Prior to being sold, Carousel was owned and operated by the Petrich family since its founding in 1970.

White Oak established its roots in the private aviation business, manufacturing specialty wool carpets for corporate aircraft clients.

"Each project is approached with the goal of exceeding clients' expectations," said Pack. "And because we cater to a very discerning and specialized clientele, only a select number of companies carry the White Oak brand."

For more information, visit WhiteOakCarpet.com.