Innovations4Flooring has passed a non-­infringement examination for the U.S. The examination, which was carried out over the last five months, was issued by an independent group of IP attorneys.

“This in-depth non-infringement analysis is a significant milestone as it is an independent confirmation that our innovations are completely free from existing systems in the United States," said John Rietveldt, Innovations4Flooring’s CEO. "This outcome means our licensees can feel rest assured that we have the freedom and right to market our flooring solutions in the United States."

Innovations4Flooring will share the main points of the non-infringement analysis at Domotex, taking place Jan. 17 to 20 in Hannover, Germany. During the event, the company will host a series of deep dive sessions with key industry players to discuss the future of the flooring industry’s parent landscape. Additionally, Innovations4Flooring will hold an exclusive press conference for leaders and legal representatives of flooring manufacturers.

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