W.F. Taylor Co., Inc. (Taylor) announces the patent-pending Acous-Tec Sound Reducing Liquid Underlayment Patch and Leveler. Taylor Acous-Tec Sound Reducing Liquid Underlayment Patch and Leveler is designed for all floating floor systems (vinyl tile/plank, laminate, and wood) to reduce sound transmission.

Trowel the low-VOC and UL Greenguard-certified liquid underlayment, watch it simultaneously self-level and cure, then install the floating floor on top of the underlayment, the company stated. When fully cured it covers the floor as a completely sealed, leveled and flat membrane that can patch up to 1/8-inch cracks and level any substrate unevenness.

As the product cures, it uses a formulated cross-linking modified silane polymer-base to build a strong yet elastic resilient membrane. This liquid underlayment is a moisture inhibitor up to 10lbs. per 1,000 square feet per 24 hrs., up to 90% relative humidity and features Taylor’s Meta-Sept Antimicrobial agent. The product is free of solvents, hazardous chemicals, water and isocyanates, the company added.