EasyHeat's new Warm Tiles Elite underfloor heating mat.

Warm Tiles Elite underfloor heating mats from EasyHeat add soothing, energy-efficient heat to floors, according to the company.

At less than 1/8-inch thick, these mats also result in virtually no buildup during installation, significantly reducing impact on floor height.
Designed for residential and commercial flooring, Warm Tiles Elite mats consist of heating cable interwoven into slim, durable fabric. Mats are available in standard rectangular sizes as well as in made-to-order, custom layouts for areas with irregular shapes. Adding heat from the ground up, the mats are for use with numerous surface choices. Safely install the mats underneath ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, glass mosaic, marble, and natural stone and agglomerates, as well as under the engineered wood and laminate floors now popular in homes and hotels.
Warm Tiles Elite mats come in either 120V or 240V with a power output of up to15W per square feet—so floors heat faster and more efficiently, according to the company. Like all EasyHeat floor warming systems, Warm Tile Elite mats are UL and CSA approved ensuring their safe use in shower floors, steam rooms, saunas and other wet areas.
One of the chief complaints against floor warming systems has been their lengthy installation time. EasyHeat has addressed that problem by using a three-step process that reduces the entire installation into a single day. First, a thin layer of mortar is applied to any standard under-flooring. Next, the mats are laid down into place. Last, the mats are covered with mortar and the flooring surface is installed directly on top eliminating the timely wait for the mortar to dry, according to the company.
Standard size mats are immediately available. Orders for custom mats can be rushed directly to job sites or to customers. EasyHeat also provides all accessories flooring contractors need to complete the installation, including programmable and non-programmable thermostats, relay kits and Detecto fault indicators.
For more ordering information, visit EasyHeat.com.