Target Technologies International and ArmorLock Industries have formed a distribution agreement for the ArmorLock Turf Seaming System.

ArmorLock is a seaming technology providing a method of turf seaming with no fumes, no harsh chemicals and no adhesives, according to the company, and is 100% recyclable and 100% waterproof.  
Instead of conventional scrim and glue methods, ArmorLock is made with electroplated galvanized steel with 1,400 protrusions per four linear feet with an inert natural pressure sensitive rubber resin embedded with fiberglass that is 100% waterproof. ArmorLock can withstand any weather climate, with installation temperatures from -22°F up to 158°F and can be installed even when it’s raining, according to the company.
ArmorLock is a patent acquisition and development company specific to the flooring industry solving industry problems in residential, modular and commercial floor covering and artificial turf applications.
“I believe that our strategic partnership with Target Technologies as our distributor makes both companies a solid force in the industry with the best products money can buy for our clients,” stated Shane LeBlanc, president of ArmorLock.
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