ACâ?¢Tech Relaunches Oil Buster System
AC•Tech has re-launched its Oil Buster System.

AC•Tech has re-launched its Oil Buster System for reclaiming contaminated concrete slabs in building renovation and facility remodeling projects.

"The Oil Buster System offers a proven and more cost-effective alternative to the “Jackhammer Approach” of demolishing a contaminated slab and replacing it with new concrete," said Penny Czarra, president of AC•Tech.

The two-step clean and seal process removes—and then contains—hydrocarbons and other organic chemicals from deep within the substrate, so that they do not become bond-breakers for flooring adhesives and final floor coatings. A once-contaminated and unusable concrete slab can be ready to receive final floor covering within just a few days, according to the company.

The Oil Buster System is warranted for 15 years against delamination due to hydrocarbons migrating back up to the concrete surface.

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