Bostik, Inc. has developed HXD Technology, an exclusive formulation reportedly offering the highest performance resin system of any pre-mixed grout available. This polymer chemistry enables Bostik premium, pre-mixed grouts to offer toughness, water and stain resistance. Bostik HXD (“High Cross-Linking Density) Technology contains a high concentration of cross-linking molecules offering a larger, unified polymer structure or macro-molecule, which is durable and resistant to penetration and staining from fluids, the company said. These characteristics perform well in wet environments, enhanced by proprietary additives that repel stains.

Initiated when Bostik launched its RapidCure formulations, HXD has been further refined and is available in its TruColor RapidCure, QuartzLock2, RapidCure, Dimension RapidCure and Neverseal products.