mapei ultralite
MAPEI's Ultralite S2 for for large thin-tile installations.

After a successful showing at the International Surface Event in Las Vegas, MAPEI is introducing its Ultralite S2 to the marketplace.

According to the company, MAPEI research and development labs extensively tested methods for successfully installing large thin tiles and compiled a set of reference guides for installing 1/8- to 1/4-inch tiles and 3/16- to 1/4-inch tiles. As a result, MAPEI has developed a mortar that addresses the major issues involved in getting a perfect fit between large, thin tile and its substrate.

"With Ultralite S2, architects now have the freedom to design dramatically with large, lightweight thin tiles without worrying about the durability of the installation process," said Brian Pistulka, MAPEI’s Tile & Stone Installation Systems' business manager. “MAPEI has been the leading company in reference to installation products and methods for large, thin tile. As a result of listening to our distributors, contractors and tile manufacturers, MAPEI has identified a number of challenges associated with thin tile, including the need for lighter setting materials, mortars with more open time and products with easier troweling properties"

This highly deformable, polymer-modified mortar is formulated with Easy Glide Technology for ease of application, according to the company. Ultralite S2 features a long open time, extended coverage and transfer properties to enhance back-buttering, which is ideal for thin porcelain tiles as well as traditional ceramic tiles and stone. Ultralite S2’s unique Ultralite Technology provides twice the coverage of a standard thin-set mortar per pound/kg and is manufactured with 20% recycled content.
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