National Applied Construction (NAC) Products has developed a series of drawings that show a variety of bathroom installation options that bring NAC membranes together to provide sound control and waterproofing solutions.

"We've taken the concept of our Extreme Deck Waterproofing System, which provides a double layer of waterproof protection for exterior decks, and brought it inside to provide a double layered solution for bathrooms," said Brian Petit, NAC's vice president of operations. "The Extreme Waterproofing System now provides a variety of options for bathroom installations utilizing NAC sound control membranes and SubSeal Liquid waterproofing membrane for applications that require waterproofing and sound control protection."

The drawings can be accessed on the NAC website by clicking on the technical pull down tab and selecting membrane system images. Currently there are six images showing different system options including, SAM 3, Super SAM 125, Strataflex and ECB membranes combining with SubSeal Liquid. In addition, there is a drawing of the Extreme Deck Waterproofing System.

According to the company, an added benefit of the Extreme Waterproofing System for bathrooms, is that the NAC sheet membranes also provide up to 3/8-inch crack isolation protection. 

Petit noted that the drawings are not instructions on how to install the system, but a visual representation of the products involved for various membrane system options for bathrooms.

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