Ardex A 38 Mix Rapid Set Premixed Screed, Ardex A 38 Rapid Set Screed and Ardex E 100 Screed Improvement and Bonding Slurry Additive are now available for purchase at Ardex distributors throughout North America.

“Both Ardex A 38 Mix and Ardex A 38 Rapid Set Screeds are walkable in just three hours and tile can be installed in only four hours,” said Harrison Gardner, Ardex's business manager. “These products contain revolutionary new screed technologies delivering improved strength and speed.”
Suitable for interior and exterior use, A 38 Mix and A 38 are high-performance, rapid-hardening screeds for use in every type of screed installation, according to the company. A 38 Mix is pre-mixed with sand and aggregate while Ardex A 38 uses a cement-only binder, allowing installers to add sand and aggregate separately. 
E 100 is used in the bonding slurry for A 38 Mix and A 38 and can be used as an additive in basic sand and cement screeds to improves elasticity, strength and workability.
Also now available is E 90 Tile and Stone Mortar Enhancer, an admix that can enhance adhesion, flexibility as well as provide water repellent properties to help prevent efflorescence in swimming pools and other wet areas, according to the company.
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