I have received lots of feedback for my column from the December 2014 issue of the magazine, “Installers Speak Up on Industry Problems.” From impassioned phone calls and e-mails, to installers coming up to me at trade shows to say thank you and shake my hand, I get the strong sense my editorial resonated with a lot of you out there. In fact, it probably has generated the most feedback of anything I’ve written yet for this magazine.

First of all, let me say I’m honored and touched to receive your praise and hear your comments. Second of all, it is sadly telling of the state of the industry that an editorial looking directly at the problems installers face just to make a living is what received all this feedback. I would love to say articles about new installation techniques and case studies about the amazing work professional installers do is on the top of everyone’s minds, but that’s just not the case. The frustration and anger at the way this industry barely seems to care about the hard work and skill that goes into installation rolls off these e-mails and phone calls in waves. I am happy to listen to all of your perspectives; I just wish the news were a little brighter for everyone out there.

For this next issue, I’d again like to offer you a chance to reach out directly to me at (603) 791-0215 or chmieleckim@bnpmedia.com and share not only your frustrations at this industry, but what you love about it, the pride you feel for a job well done, any memorable installations you’ve completed and what you’ve learned along the way. I am happy to expose the hard and bleak realities of making a living in installation, but I also don’t want to lose sight of what makes this profession great. I have already compiled several interviews and phone transcripts based on what has people fed up about being part of the installation trade; now I want to hear about why you love this profession, why you still care about it.

I will put these stories together in an article for the next issue, as a forum for you all to share your thoughts. Whether you’ve been in the industry for 20-plus years or are just joining, operate a commercial workroom or a small shop, I would love to hear from you. I want to continue putting a human face on the work you all do. It’s seemingly so easy for so many retailers, builders and even manufacturers to treat the collective body of installers as not worthy of their time. But would they be as willing to say “People aren’t worth my time”? Let’s hope not.