According to Adrian Steel Co., a manufacturer of vehicle upfit equipment, flooring contractors can keep all their tools and equipment organized while driving to and from the jobsite with a vehicle upfit.  The company offers the following tips to maximize the space and organizational capabilities of a work van or truck:

  • Partitions– A partition is one of the most important components of a complete van upfit. It is a barrier, usually constructed of perforated steel, which is placed directly behind the seats to separate the cab from the cargo area. Not only does a partition prevent cargo from injuring passengers, but it also helps to improve the organization of the van and climate control in the cab, the company said. Partitions are also available with hinged doors to allow for passage between the cab and the cargo area.
  • Shelving–Flooring contractors typically need to keep the cargo area clear of clutter in order to store and transport bulky flooring materials. Shelving provides a designated space for all of your tools and equipment and can dramatically increase the organizational capabilities within your vehicle.
  • Drawers– Small parts, such as nails, screws, and tiny tools can easily get lost in a van that’s packed with equipment and materials. Keep all of your smaller cargo securely stored away and organized in a drawer unit. Locking drawers are also available for securing more expensive items.
  • File Storage– When you’re on the road for work, you may need to carry paperwork or catalogs for multiple projects. Keep it all in order with vehicle file storage.
  • Long Part Storage – Sometimes fitting the flooring you need in the back of your vehicle can be a challenge. Modified partitions and rear door trays are available to accommodate extra-long cargo.
  • Ladder Rack– General contractors may need to use a ladder for work. Ergonomically designed ladder racks are available to lower the ladder down to an easily reachable height to help decrease back strain.    

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