MP Global’s VersaWalk can be installed using a variety of methods.

MP Global’s VersaWalk is a universal underlayment that can be used in nail-down, glue-down or floating installation of wood and laminate.

Odorless and non-allergenic, VersaWalk is composed of at least 90% pre-consumer textile fibers, scrap material otherwise destined for landfill. 
Randomly air-laid filaments create a capillary effect to cushion the floor, dampen ambient sound and absorb impact sound, noted the company. VersaWalk both suppresses noise within the room and inhibits the transfer of noise into rooms below. 
VersaWalk also adds an R-Value of .50 to the floor system, creating a thermal break to the flooring assembly that helps keep floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer, according to the company.
VersaWalk features a very effective Moisture Management System. According to the company, the attached 3mil moisture barrier protects wood and laminate floors from harmful moisture. Provided the source of water such as a leak is stopped, VersaWalk's absorbent padding will wick water and disperse it throughout the pad until it eventually evaporates or escapes through the subfloor.
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