Toronto-based Supra Floors/ElastilonUSA has obtained a 20-year patent on its Elastilon product, a solution for consumers and professionals that allows the installation of hardwood floors without glue or nails.

Elastilon Strong self-adhesive installation system has been used for more than a decade in Europe by professional installers and homeowners. According to the company, it can be installed with any wood floor and without any special equipment. Elastilon creates a "free floating" floor out of solid or engineered wood that can expand or contract with changing moisture conditions without the gapping, cupping or creaking that can occur with nail- or glue-down installations. 

According to Levana Schwartz, president of ElastilonUSA, Elastilon's patented closed-cell polyethylene can be laid over any type of clean and level surface, from new concrete sub-floors to wood and tile. Elastilon's non-toxic self-adhesive forms a lifetime bond with the wood flooring, protecting it from moisture below and providing a warmer, quieter, more comfortable floor in the basement or anywhere else in the home or office. 

"The patent is an important reminder to the industry that this product cannot be copied. It also serves to reassure consumers, that Elastilon is unique in its abilities to deliver a VOC-free, clean and free floating floor, easy to walk on, minutes after installation," she added.

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