flowcrete antistatic
Flowcrete's new Flowcoat ESD combines an epoxy system with antistatic technology.

Flowcrete Americas' new Flowcoat ESD has been designed to provide environments looking to establish controlled electrostatic protected areas (EPAs) with a high-performance flooring option that will prevent potentially hazardous static charge build up, according to the company.

The reformulated 100% solid epoxy system fulfills the three criteria relating to flooring as outlined in ANSI/ESD S20.20, which requires a system resistance of a person through the floor and to ground of less than 35 megohms.

According to the company, this makes it ideal for locations where electrostatic discharge is a serious cause for concern, such as in laboratories that need to protect sensitive electrical equipment or in areas where flammable materials are handled and in which a fire safe floor is required to prevent static becoming an ignition source. 

“Flowcoat ESD combines a popular epoxy system, that has repeatedly proven itself within some of the most intense industrial environments, with highly effective antistatic technology," said Dave McNeece, Flowcrete's managing director. "Facilities managers know that just walking across the floor of a processing environment can cause a charge to build up, meaning that this otherwise harmless activity can create a potentially dangerous problem. Site owners and operators can rest assured that the electrostatic dissipative properties of Flowcoat ESD will continuously work to safeguard their site from electrostatic discharge concerns.” 

Flowcoat ESD demonstrates consistent ground readings throughout the life of the floor coating system and exhibits very low body voltage generation. When used in conjunction with suitable footwear, Flowcoat ESD meets the ESD Association guidelines for the safe dissipation of charge to ground quicker than it can collect. 

McNeece added, "Getting the floor specification correct is essential when establishing an EPA, as the floor not only needs to be able to negate the anticipated amount of static charge accumulation, but it also needs to be able to withstand the site’s future use to maintain a hygienic, reliable and efficient surface."

The epoxy base of Flowcoat ESD delivers a long list of operational benefits that makes it easy to install and which will enrich the facility over the lifetime of the floor. The solvent-free, low odor nature of Flowcoat ESD facilitates an easy installation, while the seamless, hardwearing, chemical resistant finish it creates is easy to maintain and minimizes the need for repairs or an early refurbishment, according to the company.

For more information, visit flowcreteamericas.com.