sound seal featuring Cerazorb
Sound Seal's new Cerazorb Acoustical Underlayment for floating or glue-down wood flooring.

Sound Seal's Cerazorb Acoustical Underlayment for floating or glue-down wood flooring offers acoustical performance of up to a 23dB decrease in a lightweight system, according to the company.

"Cerazorb has been tested and approved for use with all engineered wood flooring materials," said Jamie Valee, Impacta product manager at Sound Seal.

Featuring a hemi-crystalline thermoplastic material with a high strength-to-weight ratio, Cerazorb exhibits energy absorption properties. With a density chosen specifically to balance impact resistance with compressive hardness, Cerazorb is a lightweight waterproof floor underlayment that limits noise intrusion, according to the company. In addition to being 100% non-toxic and recyclable, Cerazorb also does not support microbial growth, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

“[Cerazorb] has been offered in the tile underlayment market for several years now with great success. We are confident that Cerazorb will be welcomed by wood flooring professionals as an easy to install, lightweight acoustical flooring underlayment solution," added Valee.

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