Mullican Flooring's hardwood flooring underlayment has exceeded the emission requirements in California’s Section 01350 Indoor Air Quality legislation—the most stringent test requirement for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in North America.

According to the company, everything was handled, compliance tested and VOC emission test certified, by Berkeley Analytical. The lab follows the protocol and methods required by California standard CA01350 for IAQ testing.
The company’s underlayment product, known as Moisture Mat, features a moisture vapor permeance of less than one, making it a superior vapor retarder under wood flooring applications, according to the company. By reducing the rate of moisture migration below the floor system and allowing the wood to acclimate gradually, Moisture Mat helps increase the useful life and appearance of finish surfaces by protecting against moisture-related floor problems such as buckling, cupping or cracking. 
“Moisture Mat is an example of Mullican's continued commitment to product safety,” said Brian Greenwell, Mullican's vice president of sales and marketing.
Consisting of two layers of kraft paper laminated with asphalt, Moisture Mat is a non-reinforced 10/30/30 duplex-type Grade “B” paper. Considered to be cleaner and easier to work with than other materials, Moisture Mat is less likely to trap moisture condensation between it and the subfloor due to its semi-permeable material, according to Greenwell. It also acts as a “slip sheet” to minimize dust and reduce noise. 

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