Wagner Meters announced that a technology upgrade related to measuring moisture in concrete will continue to be offered for free through June 1. This upgrade is specific to the Easy Reader device, part of Wagner's award-winning Rapid RH 4.0 EX system.
“Quality customer service is central to our mission, and that’s why we’ve been offering this free Rapid RH Easy Reader upgrade,” says Jason Spangler, division manager-flooring for Wagner's. “We want to alert our customers to the fact that this free offer will end on June 1.”
The Easy Reader device features Touch-n-Sense technology, which goes to work on contact with any Rapid RH 4.0 EX Smart Sensor. The Easy Reader provides fast, accurate readings of both relative humidity and temperature within concrete floors, according to the company.
Spangler noted, if you own a Rapid RH Easy Reader, you’ll want to check the label to see if you qualify. An upgrade is needed if the label says 4.0, otherwise you already own the latest model.
You can obtain the free Easy Reader upgrade by calling Wagner toll free at (800) 634-9961. 
For more information, visit wagnermeters.com.