ClickSoftware Technologies' new Service Networks for Contractors is a mobile field service management solution that synchronizes the scheduling, dispatch and work completion between businesses and their contractors, according to the company.

"Enterprises can now optimally manage their network of contractors to adhere to service level agreements and have better visibility and control of the service delivery process," said a ClickSoftware representative. "Simultaneously, contractors maintain their autonomy in running their own businesses. Customers, of course, benefit from harmonious service delivery with minimal discontinuities or surprises."

Using the solution, contractors are better equipped to efficiently plan and execute the delivery of service, enabling them to book and complete more jobs overall, according to the company. The streamlined operations will enable contractors to collect payment faster, thanks to the ability to provide proof of service in real-time, at the time of job completion.

According to the company, consumers reap immediate benefits, including access to timely and accurate information, contractor location, estimated arrival time and job status.

"The field service industry continues to evolve to incorporate more automated scheduling tools, and is quickly advancing to real-time workflow mobile technologies that provide businesses with new capabilities and information to effectively help manage third-party contractors," said Aly Pinder Jr., senior research analyst at Aberdeen Group, a B2B research and marketing solutions company. "These technologies have the potential to enable both enterprise service providers and contractors to more quickly and accurately perform their jobs, while providing consistent customer experience."

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