LUXE Linear Shower Drain
Michael Kenny, Custom Carpentry contractor, created a full master bath suite while also incorporating a Luxe Linear Shower Drain.
Luxe Linear Drains played a crucial role in the creation of a barrier-free, easy-access shower and open-plan new master bath design for a senior citizen living in Massachusetts. 
According to the company, in addition to delivering design elegance and modern appeal, the award-winning collection of architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel Luxe Linear Shower Drains have proven ideal for creating barrier-free, wheel-in-entry custom showers to meet demand for continued increase of seniors choosing to age at home as long as possible.
All Luxe Linear Drains can be placed anywhere in the shower flooring layout, whether at the entry threshold or back against the far wall, providing safe and easy to use showers that gently slope just ¼ per sq.-ft. toward the Luxe Linear Shower Drain, said the company.
Michael Kenny, a contractor at Custom Carpentry, returned to the Massachusetts home, after having previously worked on it a year before, to create another full master bath suite. This one, however, featured the barrier-free, Luxe Linear Shower Drain—Pattern Grate style wedgewire channel grate.
Kenny’s design for this more open, much safer and easier to use master bath features three different styles of porcelain tile set in unique patterns to accent the sleek, Luxe Linear Shower Drain that runs the length of the entire far back wall of the new wheel-in-entry shower. In addition to the greatly expanded space, new stylish fixtures and custom LED lighting, the zero-threshold shower entry features a frosted pocket-glass door that swings open easily in both directions.
Still, Kenny’s aging in place design for the new wheel-in-entry shower is without question anchored by the style, form and function of the architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel Luxe Linear Shower Drain, said the company. To be more precise, the new shower Kenny designed and built features two of the stylish Luxe Linear Shower Drain – Pattern Grate drains with the three different styles of large-format stone-look porcelain tiles. The greatly expanded shower required Kenny to couple a pair of 48-inch wedgewire channel grates with a classic repeating square-hole punch pattern to stretch the full length of the new 8-foot far back wall.
Another huge factor for Kenny, and other contractors, is that Luxe Linear Drains are manufactured independent of any specific waterproofing materials and installation methods. As a result, this makes an already easy installation process, particularly for a shower drain, that much easier for all installation contractors, according to the company.
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