3M's new Scotchgard Surface Protection Film 2200.

3M's new Scotchgard Surface Protection Film 2200 is a proprietary and patented high-performance protection product designed to protect stone and vinyl flooring, bathroom surfaces and walls, according to the company.

The thin film provides substantial, nearly invisible protection from a variety of finish-eroding events, from high foot traffic and furniture to harmful liquid drips and spills

Designed for use in hospitals, classrooms, airports, office buildings, retail spaces, hotels, laboratories and more, the film may be used to protect building entrances, dining area floors, bathroom surfaces, underneath chairs and other areas that see heavy traffic or finish eroding drips and leaks. It can be used on waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, marble and ceramic tile terrazzo and more, and it is compatible with standard floor cleaning procedures, as well as standard floor disinfectants, cleaners and coatings. 
"At 3M, we understand that customers invest significantly in their surfaces, from beautiful stone and vinyl flooring to other surfaces and walls,” said Aaron Mills, 3M's marketing and development manager. “Scotchgard Surface Protection Film 2200 protects these surfaces from the daily grind, allowing them to stay beautiful longer and delaying refinishing.”
For more information, visit 3m.com/SaveOurSurfaces.