The MAPEI Group—parent company of MAPEI and the U.S. subsidiary MAPEI Corp., has become a sponsor of the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano.

"This World Fair underscores the vital importance of having plentiful food for all the people on our planet, " said Luigi Di Geso, president and CEO of MAPEI Americas. "MAPEI fully supports the efforts of nations to work together in order to feed the world."

Charlie Faas, CEO of Friends of the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano, added, "The USA Pavilion is a unique building of its kind. It is a multi-floor structure characterized by open spaces, transparency and accessibility. It evokes the lines of the traditional American barn. Guiding visitors through a series of stimulating spaces, paths and exhibitions, the USA Pavilion is an experience of 'edutainment' developed to entertain and inform. Each element of the pavilion tells tales and stories about innovation, technology, variety and ingenious Americans. It communicates the story, intense and diverse, of our national agriculture. This is why the support of an international company like MAPEI, engaged in a continuous process of innovation in materials and solutions for the construction industry, is important to us.”

Expanding to the U.S. from Italy in the early 1980s, MAPEI Group now operates through MAPEI Corp. with its eight manufacturing plants, its headquarters in Deerfield Beach,Fla., two research and development laboratories and the second brand North American Adhesives that is dedicated to tile adhesives. Other U.S. subsidiaries include  GRT, with two U.S. production facilities; and Polyglass USA, which produces bituminous membranes and protective coatings.

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