bostik handbook
Bostik's new product brochure focuses on how the company's floor and wall installation systems add strength, value and high performance for today’s residential high rise marketplace.

Bostik has published an all-inclusive, four-color product brochure focused on how the firm’s floor and wall installation systems add strength, value and high performance for today’s burgeoning residential high rise marketplace, according to the company.

The brochure offers a “system solution for every installation,” and includes all appropriate information relative to Bostik adhesives, moisture control, sound abatement, surface preparation and more for hardwood flooring projects. For tile and stone installations, similar information is offered for professionals requiring specific materials to install natural stone flooring or, a broad color spectrum of recycled, glass-based, premium grouts to accentuate any tile project. 

According to Scott Banda, Bostik’s director of marketing, consumer and construction business unit, “We have developed a variety of systems based upon project budgets and required warranties. These already are being insisted upon within the residential high rise sector.”

He noted, distributors, contractors, dealers, architects, designers and more will be using this easy-to-use reference guide on a regular basis, as it contains everything relative to each and every product listed for ideal residential high rise hardwood flooring or tile and stone installation projects.

Chris Eichman, Bostik’s marketing communications manager, consumer and construction business unit, added, “We make it a point to produce sales and support literature that is not only very cogent and clear, but educational, as well. Those who turn to our brochures use them to not only select product but to find optimal ways in which each product should be utilized.”

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